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Tooth whitening is a very common and cost-effective way to improve the look and feel of your teeth. People who try whitening their teeth at home using store-bought products are usually disappointed with the results and may even end up damaging their teeth. Another advantage of having a session with a dentist is that you will have professional examination and expert supervision from the dentist. Below are some things to think about before making your appointment with a dentist for your teeth whitening session.

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After the teeth whitening session, a dentist gives patient high quality whitening products and ensures they are used correctly as low quality products can cause corrosion and further staining on the teeth. Your stains could well be the result of another problem unrelated to whitening, which a dentist might help resolve. A staining problem rooted in deeper tooth problems won’t respond to whitening, which will mean you’ll be throwing your money away. Moreover, too many attempts to whiten teeth can foster even more complications.

Teeth whitening often is just a method of cleaning the surface of the tooth with a bleach compound. Most in-store products used for teeth whitening are made with similar ingredients, but each one has a varying amount of certain chemicals, which ought to be used in specific situations. Choosing the wrong chemical or application can harm your teeth or lead to additional staining.

Tooth whitening products found at local markets or pharmacies are developed with an one-size-fits-all approach. The truth of the matter is that each patient has a unique mouth, that means it really doesn’t work as well as dental procedures from the dentist. Mass-produced whitening strips or trays may work wonderfully for one person while poorly for another.

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A tooth whitening dentist will first evaluate the cause of your stains on your teeth, then recommend the very best treatment that you require. You could get a kit to take home with you to see to it you keep your bright white smile. Ask yourself what’s taken you so long to make the decision to have your teeth whitened professionally.

You can find out the reason your teeth are discolored by visiting your dentist. They can find you a custom solution to get your teeth whitened. The dentist will provide you with an after-treatment kit to take home with you, so that you could continue to maintain your newly whitened teeth. Go ahead and ask your dentist about getting your teeth whitened.

Store-bought products often contain just a small amount of the active ingredient. This might be enough to get rid of minor staining, however it will not help anyone with more pronounced discoloration. You could purchase whitening pens to touch up minor stains if you missed them with your whitening treatment. At that time, you may also receive a bundle of info which should help you keep your teeth from staining once more.

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