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Teeth whitening is a great cosmetic dental treatment because it is very affordable and widespread. The products that dentists use to whiten teeth are more effective and safer than the tooth whitening products currently available off the shelf. A dentist is a professional, and you’ll receive the added benefit of expert examination and supervision. Consider the following factors before choosing to make an appointment with your dentist to whiten your teeth.

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Before you dentist applies any product to your teeth, they’ll take a look to determine what is causing your smile’s discoloration. You could get custom advice to help with your teeth whitening process. Afterwards, you will probably be given a take-home kit with guidelines on maintaining a brighter smile. Teeth whitening is becoming more affordable everyday, so call your dentist today to ask about setting up an appointment.

Teeth whitening products that you buy from the supermarkets and drug stores contains tiny amount of the chemical that does the whitening. This can be of help to patients with lighter staining but cannot be of help to anyone with more or severe discoloration. If your first session turns out well and you are happy with your new look, then there’re touch-up pens you can buy that have whitener in them, this way you can lighten your smile later on. After your procedure is complete you will probably be given information and suggestions on how to prevent further staining of your teeth.

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Due to the experience in tooth whitening process, a dentist has a wealth of knowledge at their disposal and also on the staining subject. This knowledge will ensure you get the very best possible results for your specific case. Your teeth will likely be evaluated extensively and an investigation will likely be focused to identify the source of staining. Dentists can evaluate the outer stains on your teeth and recognize if they are brought on by common factors such as food, beverages, environmental factors, or life style decisions.

The teeth-whitening session will begin with your dentist covering your gums and lips with a protective sheet, which ensures that the chemicals only come into contact with the teeth themselves. After completing the procedure, you will then have a session of fluoride treatment to avoid continued tooth sensitivity. Even though most patients experience no major side effects from whitening their teeth, either at the dentist or at home, a dentist makes sure that the procedure is undertaken in the safest way possible. The right action to fix any discomfort or sensitivity will be taken right away by your dentist.

Once your dentist whitens your teeth, he uses a high-quality product that won’t cause further staining or even corrosion like some inferior whitening products. Stains unrelated to whitening can be solved with the assistance of the dentist. Stains rooted in more complex tooth problems won’t respond to whitening, meaning you’ll be wasting your money. Whitening your teeth excessively can lead to more problems later.

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