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Oftentimes, you may experience a sense of negativity and concern when referred to an oral surgeon following your dental checkup. This can be nerve-wracking, but do not worry as your dentist will call in an oral surgeon for any situation where their expertise just isn’t enough. It can mean you need special attention from specialists with knowledge and skills. The following info can help you approach your next appointment with confidence.

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Oral surgeons handle cases that range from routine to severe. Oral surgeons are well-trained to deal with a wide range of conditions. Conditions may even affect your face, jaw, or neck, and this is when the attention of an oral surgeon becomes essential. Oral surgery may sound scary, but the majority of the time it is just a dentist treating normal patient conditions.

While any issue with your teeth may seem insignificant when you first notice it, it can become a serious health problem if you ignore it over time. Approximately ninety percent of people grow wisdom teeth. They are a third set of molars that come about nearing adulthood. Wisdom teeth are largely vulnerable to being impacted when they are developing. An impacted tooth puts the entire mouth at high risk for harmful infection.

Bone loss is often overlooked, but occurs all the time in patients with missing teeth. Enough bone in the jaw to support a dental implant is a must if you encounter such an issue. If the bone that remains in your jaw is just too fragile to hold an implant, don’t worry: you still have other options such as a bone graft procedures. The process involves transferring a bone from a healthy area of your mouth to an area that needs the graft.

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Oral surgery covers a number of injuries, conditions, and deformities that are related to the jaw and mouth. Their knowledge and experience extends to include the entire face and its relationship with the mouth and jaw. When there’s a cosmetic or restorative problem, oral surgery is really the most effective solution almost all of the time. The simplest and most common type of oral surgery, a tooth extraction, is performed thousands of times a year.

It is unheard of that a dentist will suggest that you receive an oral surgery without just cause. Surgeries are mostly done if it is really the only method of the patient healing or there’s no other way to handle the case. You should make the right decision because each treatment has its own benefit.

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