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Most patients will experience some anxiety after being referred to an oral surgeon or other dental specialist. You may find yourself in this position now or in the future, but there is no need to panic. It is likely that your dentist feels the surgeon is better suited to address a particular issue with your oral maintenance. Consider the following strategies if you have been told you need oral surgery.

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Oral surgery sounds like a scary dental recommendation, but no dentist will recommend this approach without having a good reason. Surgery is often a last resort, used when no other option for treatment exists. Understanding the benefits of oral surgery can assist you make the right decision for your oral health.

Many people don’t consider tooth infection a serious problem. This is due to tooth decay which can cause a tooth to become permanently damaged. The best way to really solve problems of decayed teeth is through extracting them because decayed tooth becomes an infection that spreads easily to the surrounding healthy teeth. Tooth extraction, one form of oral surgery, completely eliminates infection from spreading.

Bone loss is a typical problem faced by those who certainly have lost teeth. If this applies to your legal case, it is essential that there’s adequate bone to anchor the dental implant. If the bone loss is significant, you may need to undergo a bone graft in order for your jaw to support a dental implant. The dentist will eliminate a small amount of bone from a healthy location of your mouth and make use of it within the location that requires the graft.

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Surgery isn’t always about having something removed. Having teeth replaced when they’ve been removed is a significant job of oral surgery. If you have lost a tooth — particularly if it is a back tooth — you may not think it is needed to replace it with an appliance or device, like a bridge or a plate. If not replaced on time, it may lead to bone loss in the area that no longer has a tooth supporting it.

An oral surgeon works with a lot of conditions and procedures such as a routine dental implant or a painful jaw cyst. The good thing with oral surgery is that it can handle all of these conditions. You may be having a condition that needs special attention from on oral surgeon such as conditions affecting your face, jaw or neck. The phrase ‘oral surgery’ may evoke the bad image for some people, however it does help patients with a wide variety of ailments and statuses such as deformities, diseases, and injuries.

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