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Possibly due to how affordable it can be, teeth whitening is a very popular type of dental treatment. Teeth whitening can be made possible by making use of store-bought products but these products are neither safe nor effective as having a session with your dentist. A dentist will offer you the advantage of a thorough exam prior to a dental treatment. Take a minute to look at the information below before scheduling a teeth whitening session with a dentist.

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Whitening products that are purchased over-the-counter in drug stores and supermarkets only have a small amount of the chemical that really does the whitening. This may be enough to treat light or minor stains, but it surely won’t help anyone with more severe discoloration. Cosmetic dentists often supply patients with after-care products, like a whitening pen, that can be used at home to maintain a bright new smile. In addition to that, you will receive many approaches and a lot of recommendation on how to keep your teeth beautiful in the future.

When having your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office, you will notice that your dentist ensures all parts of your mouth are covered from the whitening solution by a protective sheet, except your teeth of course. After the treatment dentist will likely recommend a fluoride treatment to assist with major irritability of the teeth. Side effects from having one’s teeth whitened are rare, and having the work done by a cosmetic dentist provides the safest possible conditions. If you experience any discomfort or sensitivity, the dentist will probably be able to fix the issue right away.

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In case you have your teeth-whitening done by a dentist, you will reduce the chances of further staining and damage to your teeth with the use of a poor-quality or unsuitable gel for your needs. If an underlying issue is responsible for the stains, which may make a whitening treatment ineffective, your dentist can identify them at that time. It is extremely important to heed your dentist’s advice, as attempting to eliminate discoloration brought on by an underlying medical condition can cause damage to the teeth or mouth.

A bleaching solution is used to treat the tooth’s external surface in the process of tooth whitening. Different teeth whitening solutions have various strengths and concentrations but have similar chemicals used in certain situations. Moreover, one mistake in the chemical choice, application or after-care, can cause the corrosion or staining of your teeth.

Before a dentist agrees to whiten your teeth, he or she’s going to do an exam to ascertain the reason behind the stains or discoloration. They can provide custom recommendations that can help in your teeth whitening journey. Before you leave, your dentist may also provide a custom kit for home-use, which will keep your smile looking bright. Have your dentist whiten your teeth today, booking an appointment with the office receptionist.

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