Dental Cleanings

dental examAt Every Smile , our dentists want you to have the brightest smile possible. In order to do this, we work together with our patients to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. We believe the key to a happy mouth full of strong teeth is good routines.

For your home care routine, you brush twice a day and floss once per day. But no matter how excellent your brushing and flossing techniques may be, there are places in the mouth that can not be cleaned by brushing and flossing alone. For that reason we encourage all our patients to come see us every six months for professional quality dental cleanings.

Are you due for a six-month dental cleaning? Call our Chandler, Arizona dental office at (480) 732-7874 to schedule a visit with our friendly staff.

How Cavities Form

Dental cavities can form in any mouth. When we chew and swallow, tiny particles of food are left behind, which mix with saliva to form a film called plaque. Some foods, such as starches, create more of this sticky residue than others. When plaque is not brushed away, it attracts bacteria, which feed on it and emit an acid that can erode enamel. Worse yet, if the plaque is not removed it can harden into calculus (tartar) which also attracts the bacteria that cause cavities. When tartar is formed, it sticks to enamel so well that only dental tools can remove it from your teeth.

Brushing and flossing away plaque and bacteria is the best way to keep your teeth clean in the day-to-day; a six-month dental cleaning will make sure no plaque and tartar remain in the deep grooves between your teeth and fissures in the chewing surfaces of your molars.

Dental Cleanings at Every Smile

When you visit us for a dental cleaning, we take steps to make sure your teeth do not fall prey to tooth decay. Our caring staff will:

  • remove tartar and plaque from your teeth,
  • shine and polish your teeth,
  • check for signs of periodontal (gum) disease and oral cancer,
  • look for new cavities (and demineralized spots that may form cavities),
  • check the condition of your crowns, fillings, and/or bridges, and
  • take dental x-rays, for a thorough examination of your teeth.

We can also apply fluoride gel and dental sealants to further strengthen your enamel and protect you from cavity formation. If you have spots of demineralization on your teeth, fluoride gel can re-mineralize your enamel and make it more resistant to acid attacks from mouth bacteria. It can even reverse early signs of tooth decay.

If your molars have deep pits that are prone to plaque and tartar, we may suggest dental sealants to form a protective barrier around your enamel. Such sealants can be applied in minutes, and are effective at preventing cavities for several years.

Our Dental Team

During your appointment, both a dental hygienist and one of our chandler dentists will examine your mouth. Many people think of hygienists as assistants to dentists, but they are actually much more than that. Dental hygienists are educated and certified professionals, whose sole focus is your dental well-being. Our hygienists are a valuable asset to our practice, because they offer a wealth of information on proper cleaning techniques, and how medications, illnesses, and certain foods affect your mouth. If you have a question about the health of your teeth and gums, dental habits, or cleaning techniques—ask a hygienist. Cavity prevention is their specialty.

Are you due for a six month dental cleaning? Call our Chandler, Arizona dental office at (480) 732-7874 to schedule a dental cleaning with our friendly staff.


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