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You may become anxious and afraid when your dentist refers you to an oral surgeon after a routine checkup. It really doesn’t essential mean you have serious or challenging severe illness when you are asked to see an oral surgeon. Do not panic as it may mean you require attention from particular surgeon with special skills in dealing with complex dental issues. As you make a decision about your oral surgery needs, take the tips below into consideration.

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Oral surgeons treat a number of problems, from elective procedures like dental implants to more serious problems, like abscesses or cysts in the jaw. The right oral surgeon will be skilled and knowledgeable in every one of these cases. Issues affecting the entire face, jaw, or neck could possibly be referred to an oral surgeon, depending on the underlying cause. Though the term “oral surgery” may cause some anxiety, it’s a discipline that provides enormous benefits for people suffering from a wide variety of problems.

The field of oral surgery is a specialization that can handle many conditions, injuries and deformities of the jaw or mouth. Oral surgeries can fix both your soft and hard tissues. When you want to resolve cosmetic and restorative problems, oral surgery is an effective way to do so. The common type of oral surgery is tooth extraction, something many patients have undergone.

When you have lost teeth, as an adult, it’s highly likely that you’re suffering from some kind of bone loss. When you have such a case, it is wise you have enough bone in your jaw to enable dental implant support. Do not worry, though, because it is possible to graft additional bone to the jaw if restoration is needed. In a bone graft, the surgeon removes a tiny piece of bone from elsewhere in your mouth and enables it to grow in the damaged area of your jaw.

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The thought of oral surgery often conjures thoughts of having something removed from your mouth, but this isn’t always exactly what the procedure will entail. In the case of implant surgery, it means that something – teeth, actually – are being replaced. There’re people who prefer to not replace their lost teeth with something. However, not replacing a missing tooth can cause bone loss in the area of your jaw that’s missing a tooth.

Despite being urged not to, many patients will delay treatment for seemingly small dental issues, but this can lead to a much worse condition as time passes. Almost 90% of dental patients will develop their wisdom teeth, an extra set of molars normally seen around 18 years of age. When these wisdom teeth develop, one of the teeth becomes impacted. An impacted tooth leaves your teeth, gums, and jaw extremely vulnerable to dangerous infections.

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