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There’re many advantages to consulting with a qualified orthodontist, especially if you consider all the things that can go wrong. Orthodontists further their education after finishing their dentistry degree by completing a specialty in orthodontic care. Orthodontists have other names like orthodontic and Dentofacial orthopedics. The following info should help you understand the benefits of seeing a licensed orthodontist.

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A bachelor’s degree is required before an orthodontist or general dentist can apply to dental school. Once they finish their dental school courses, these students receive either a doctor of dental medicine DDM or possibly a health care provider of dental surgery DDS degree. These degrees are certainly the same when it’s about curriculum, they simply have different names at different universities.

There was a recent research that was carried out to evaluate the difference in the type of treatments given by general dentist and orthodontists. Published in Angle Orthodontics, a professional journal, the study revealed a definite difference in the quality of care provided by general dentists compared to board certified orthodontists. The study involved sixty cases of orthodontic patients where thirty were attended by specialized orthodontists and the rest were attended by general dentist without having any specialization at all.

It’s also important to consider having the latest technology in the clinics. If an orthodontist stocks his office with the most recent technology and equipment, it means he is devoted to providing his patients with the very best care. The treatment you will have from a reputable orthodontist will ensure that your braces and wires are of the most modern technology and that the results achieved by the treatment will be quick and effective.

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There’s no proper preparation of administering complex orthodontic treatments because they cover a brief course. It’s a brief course that explains how to use the 3D imaging software that’s employed in creating Invisalign aligners and do the necessary patient record management tasks. The course doesn’t equip general dentists with actual orthodontic skills. Even worse, these general dentists can provide orthodontic care without having treated a patient while on the course.

Orthodontists will first perform an initial assessment in order to determine a course of treatment. Orthodontists use x-rays and molds on which a patient chews down to figure out the exact alignment of a patient’s teeth. Based on that information, the orthodontist will recommend a particular course of treatment to bring your teeth into proper alignment. In certain cases, when there’s severe malocclusion, it might be essential for the jaw to be surgically broken and wired shut so that it’s going to heal in the proper shape.

Patients who do not follow orthodontic prescriptions given, often become transfer cases. Orthodontists and general dentists have been competing and searching for orthodontic patients. Studies have shown that, even though both general dentists and orthodontists can legally provide orthodontic care, you’ll receive significantly better treatment from an orthodontist.

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