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One of the most done teeth whitening treatment is cosmetic dental treatment which is affordable to many patients. You could whiten your teeth at home using store-bought products, but these substances are neither as safe nor as effective as treatment from a dentist. You should consider having a professional exam and getting the input of your dentist before making a decision. Some of the strategies to have a look at before making an appointment with a dentist are listed below.

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Since there is a risk that low quality products could cause damage or worse staining, your dentist might only use the highest quality products. If your stains are caused by an underlying problem, your dentist can assist with solving that root cause. This will likely help you save money by avoiding treatments needed in the future. More dire is that too many whitening attempts can create other complications.

A dentist treatment will last longer compared to over-the-counter whitening treatments. The dentist usually gives you an aftercare kit that you could take home with you. Unlike store-bought solutions, the kit you get from your dentist will have a tray built for your mouth and some simple whitening gel. This way, you could increase or maintain your brightness as you see fit so that your smile is yours.

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Consult with a dentist to avoid using the wrong chemical formula for your teeth and prevent damage to your teeth and gums. They can also point out potential issues about why a whitening solution might not work for you. Many patients waste time and money on attempting to whiten teeth that are being discolored by an unknown, more complicated condition.

A dentist specializing in tooth whitening will probably be in the position to diagnose the source of yellowed teeth and suggest the best course of action to remove and prevent further staining. The dentist may also provide you with a take-home kit to help you in maintaining your bright new smile. If you are considering a professional tooth whitening treatment, call your local dentist today to setup an appointment or add your tooth whitening session to an existing cleaning.

Nearly all of the time, the whiteners that you could buy at your local supermarket or drugstore only have a small portion of the chemical that actually does the whitening part of the process. For many people with light discoloration, this can be enough to solve their problem, but for most patients with regular or severe discoloration it’s likely not enough to brighten their smile. If the treatment is successful, you could touch up your teeth with a whitening pen. The dentist will likely provide you with lots of information and strategies on how to prevent more discoloration in the future.

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