Young woman wearing tooth colored bracesOur experienced dentists and dental team at Every Smile focus on providing you with all of the dental treatments and services you need to keep your smile happy, healthy, and beautiful. We provide orthodontics in Chandler, Arizona, to help us reach this goal.

Orthodontics is the branch of dental care dedicated to correcting irregularities in the teeth and jaw. This includes correcting teeth that are misaligned, crowded, or gapped. Orthodontic care can also include correcting the bite, or how the teeth and jaws fit together. Through orthodontic treatment, we can correct an overbite, open bite, crossbite, or underbite.

Drs. Lee and Proctor are pleased to offer several types of orthodontic treatment to accommodate your personal needs and desires. We offer traditional metal braces, as well as Invisalign® clear braces. During a personalized orthodontic consultation with our dental team, we will help you choose the orthodontic treatment that best suits your goals and preferences. This consultation will also include a discussion of the estimated length of orthodontic treatment and the costs and financing options we offer.

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Traditional Metal Braces and the Benefits They Offer

Most adults grew up with these bracket and wire braces. Our doctors can use them to correct even extremely complicated problems with your alignment. The doctor bonds metal brackets to the front of the patient’s teeth, then threads a wire through them. Through incremental tightening, the wire helps gradually guide the teeth into their correct position.

Patients who suffer from severe malocclusion, a problem with the way the upper and lower teeth fit together such as an overbite or underbite, benefit greatly from traditional braces. They provide the best option for patients with protruding or rotated teeth. They can also repair teeth that have become crooked due to overcrowding, which aligners cannot fix.

Depending on the severity of the misalignment, most patients wear traditional braces for about two years. Patients with severe misalignment issues or problems with malocclusion may need to wear the braces longer.

Bracket and wire braces work around the clock every day. They apply a consistent pressure that keeps the teeth moving into their correct position. With technological advances, they have become the most precise option available for correcting alignment.

Many patients worry about having a mouth full of silver that flashes every time they smile. The manufacturers understand this, and have worked to make braces more stylish. Kids can now choose brackets and bands in multiple colors. Adults who worry about their professional appearance can look into clear brackets and tooth colored wires to help their braces blend in with their natural teeth.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to traditional braces is their cost. Bracket and wire braces cost less than clear aligners, and insurance will typically cover more of the cost.

The Advantages of Invisalign®

Invisalign® treatment replaces the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces with clear acrylic aligners that gently guide teeth into their correct position. Because we use no wires for this treatment, patients will not need to visit every month for tightening.

With traditional braces, certain foods, like caramel, apples, and popcorn become off-limits for fear of pulling a bracket loose or breaking a wire. Invisalign® patients can remove their aligners for eating, allowing them to eat anything they want. Removable aligners also make cleaning teeth much easier.

Traditional braces typically require a minimum of two years’ treatment time. With Invisalign®, patients typically wear 20-30 sets of aligners over 12 to 18 months, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

Most patients find the virtual invisibility of the aligners the best feature of the Invisalign® program, however. Patients can now have their teeth straightened without anyone but the doctor knowing about it.

Invisalign® Programs for Adults and Teens

Our doctors treat many adult patients with Invisalign®, including some who wore traditional braces growing up. Many of these patients have seen their teeth move back out of alignment over the years. Most of our adult patients choose Invisalign® products because they allow them to correct their alignment without affecting their professional appearance.

The makers of Invisalign® have developed a special treatment program for our teen patients. The program, called Invisalign® Teen, offers all of the benefits included in the adult plan, with a few unique tweaks that help keep your child on track with her treatment plan.

Each aligner has a blue dot that fades as your child wears it. If the blue dot remains when your teen finishes with that aligner, you will know she has not stayed compliant with her treatment plan.

The Invisalign® Teen manufacturers understand that with their busy lives, teenagers often forget things. For this reason, they include six bonus aligners with the program for free. This means that if your child misplaces an aligner, you can just call our office, and we will order a replacement free of charge.

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