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Seeing an orthodontist is vital if you need certain dental procedures, because visiting a general dentist or trying quick fixes may cause devastating blunders. Orthodontists are required to completed special training even after earning the dentistry degrees. Another name for an Orthodontist is a Dentofacial Orthodontic. Please consult the information below to learn the reasons why you should look for an orthodontist.

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The orthodontist can make a decision about what methods to use on your teeth, after her or she has performed a careful check up. The orthodontist may ask you to bite into a mold and he or she may take x-rays of your jaw to understand how your teeth are misaligned. There are several types of correction methods for growing teeth, which include plates and retainers. Often they’re applied before the teeth are fully grown. When you have severely misaligned teeth, the orthodontist may need to break and rewire your jaw to get the best results.

When you do not initially opt to have the type and quality of orthodontic treatment that you need, it’s a lot more likely that you will end up needing to change over to a new dental specialist. Patients can use both orthodontists and general dentists to get orthodontic treatment. Studies show that a sizable difference exists between the orthodontic treatment provided by qualified orthodontists and by general dentists.

As new dental technology emerges, most common treatments are becoming increasingly fast and more comfortable. Invisalign is currently considered an opportune choice for many clients who’d much rather avoid using metal braces. In the Invisalign treatment, convenient and unnoticeable aligners are employed for a simple and comfortable alignment correction process. The aligners which you will wear on your teeth will have been made with 3D-imaging technology to fit your mouth exactly.

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Orthodontists and dentists alike need to get a bachelor’s degree before dental school. After earning bachelors’ degrees, both dentist and orthodontist will study in either a physician of dental medicine or physician of dental surgery program. Each degree requires the same courses, but they have different titles and are in different majors.

After completing dental school, dentists must complete a 2-3 year residency at an American Dental Association-approved university hospital to become an orthodontist. During the residency, this dentist must pass both clinical and written exams before he or she can be certified professional by the American Board of Orthodontics. The American Board of Orthodontics is really the only board accredited by the American Dental Association.

While dentistry of any kind requires years of education, this training is even longer for orthodontists. General dentists generally complete their education within eight years, but orthodontists require additional learning that can add up to three years. Because of this additional education, orthodontists are more qualified to handle complicated cases than your general dentist. General dentists who perform orthodontic procedures do so with limited training, which happens to be why they charge less than orthodontists.

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