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Many patients’ worst fear is being referred to an oral surgeon. They should not worry, though, because oral surgery is a completely routine part of maintaining a healthy smile. Your dentist could have referred you simply because an oral surgeon is better equipped to deal with your particular dental problem. The following information will help ease your anxiety about your upcoming consultation or checkup.

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Not all surgeries involve removing a body part, like many people think. For instance, oral surgery not only removes teeth, bone, and gum but additionally replaces them if they are lost. Not everyone realizes that lost teeth should be replaced by something. However, they risk serious bone loss where the tooth used to be if they do not undergo oral surgery.

The right dental surgeon will ensure your procedure is as pain-free and comfortable as possible. With the right dentist for the job, you could rest assured that you will have the ability to restore yourself to good oral health. The field of oral surgery has many specialties, so look for a surgeon who has the training and expertise required to treat your condition.

Many severe dental problems can appear completely harmless at first, only to escalate rapidly when untreated. 90% of folks in the world develop wisdom teeth in their early adulthood. Almost all of the time, at least one of these teeth becomes impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth is then even more prone to causing an infection in the jaw or mouth.

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According to statistics, many people who may have lost a tooth do not consider it necessary to replace it with something else. Not replacing a tooth that has been lost can lead to the deterioration of bone in specific areas of the mouth. Bone loss is a condition that can continue to develop if there’s nothing to stimulate new growth. Luckily, there’s a common and simple way to prevent further bone loss, and that’s to have dental implants.

Tooth infection is a serious problem that is often overlooked. This is most commonly the consequence of tooth deterioration and will cause irreparable breakdown of a tooth. A decayed tooth ought to be removed as soon as possible because once an infection has taken hold it can quickly spread to an entire row of healthy teeth. A tooth extraction procedure can permanently and totally alleviate the health issue from affecting any teeth.

Your problem could be a simple dental impact or it can be something severe, like a cyst in the jaw. The conditions that an oral surgeon is trained to take care of are diverse and complex. Whether you are affected by a disease of the face, jaw or neck, an oral surgeon is certainly the kind of professional who might help you. “Oral surgery” may sound confusing, but it’s benefits are wide-ranging, extending from treating deformities, diseases, injuries, or other conditions.

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