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You may feel anxious or fearful about your dentist referring you to an oral surgeon during your appointment. You shouldn’t worry about that because many treatments are simple and painless. Often times, the referral simply means that your dentist thinks that the surgeon they’ve in mind is certainly the best equipped to assist you with the issue at hand. The information below can help ease your issues during this process.

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People tend to think of surgery as a procedure to remove damaged parts of the body, but that’s not always true. You could have a surgical treatment done to have your teeth replaced with implants. Many people don’t understand the importance of replacing a lost or broken tooth. However, any gap where a tooth used to be can result in bone loss if nothing is there to anchor the bone.

Often people who certainly have lost a tooth won’t consider it necessary to replace it. If not replaced, it can lead to bone loss in certain area of the mouth. Bone loss will flourish in the absence of anything to stimulate new bone growth. Dental implants fill the gap and provide stimulus to the impacted area, which can reduce bone decay.

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Also, they can also be used in the checking for infections thus, this is another benefit. Infections in the mouth results to tooth decay and if not treated it causes tooth damages. The problem should not be left untreated as the infections can spread to the surrounding teeth thus the best solution for such a condition is tooth extraction. Tooth extraction being type of oral surgery, is a proven method that can be used in treating infections completely.

Even though you don’t like the sound of surgery, you should still consider oral surgey. Oral surgery is a common and successful aspect of both restorative and general dentistry. Oral surgery has many important benefits that are impossible to forget. Oral surgery can address many dental conditions that start small but, over time, become significant problems.

While many people think a lost tooth is simply a cosmetic issue, it can actually cause bone loss in the surrounding jaw. When you have recently lost a tooth, the bone loss will be minimal, but when some time has passed it’s vital to check that enough bone remains to support a dental implant. But when there isn’t enough bone to support a dental implant, a process called a bone graft might help you. This procedure is whenever a surgeon removes healthy bone from one area in your mouth to fix another area.

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