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The outer surface of the tooth is coated with a bleaching solution, in many tooth-whitening treatments. While there are many whitening solutions with similar chemical compositions, there are many concentrations and strengths that are suited for specific situations. This means that the bad type or application of whitening solution, or the bad aftercare, can damage your teeth and possibly still leave them with staining. These are a few of the number of reasons why tooth-whitening is a process that should remain within the professional domain of the dentist, and not be attempted at home.

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Teeth whitening treatments involve applying the bleaching solution on the external part of the tooth. Many tooth-whitening solutions have a similar make up. What makes them effective or not is really the concentration of elements they contain. Moreover, one oversight in the selection of chemicals, application or after-care, could further change your teeth that are already eroded and recolored.

Your local supermarket sells tooth-whitening products, but they’re only available in one strength which could be too strong or too weak for your teeth. Because every person is different, a custom-designed approach for dental procedures is needed. The products may work perfectly for you, but additionally they may really disagree with you, and there is no comeback when you have purchased the merchandise off the shelf at your supermarket.

A dentist ensures you’re using high quality products as poor quality can cause tooth corrosion and further staining. A dentist can also identify the cause of your stains unrelated to whitening and help you find a solution to the actual problem. A visit can therefore save you time and money, since you won’t waste either on whitening that won’t work. Not forgetting that excessive tooth whitening can cause complications.

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Often during an appointment with your dentist, the very first step will likely be looking at the condition of your teeth, assesing the extent of staining so as to determine the whitening method to undertake. A curing lamp is used to activate the item which can be applied to each of your teeth by the dentist, in the tooth-whitening process. Store-bought products sometimes cause issues with sensitivity. If these products come into contact with your teeth or gums, because the trays or strips of the tooth-whitening products do not fit your mouth snugly, you can feel pain or sensitivity.

A session with a dentist can help you save from using poor-quality or incorrect formulated gel that can either cause stains or corrosion. If you see your dentist for a whitening treatment, you can also be certain that your stains are due to foods and beverages and not a more serious medical problem. Catching an underlying issue early will help you save time and money, since you otherwise might have tried multiple over-the-counter whitening products and not seen any results except further deterioration of your teeth.

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